Wine Sealer Vacuum Pump Anti-pour Detecion Electric Wine Saver Wine Vacuum Stopper Wine Bottle Sealer Bar Accessories


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Rated voltage/power: 3.7V/5W
Input voltage/power: 5V/10W
Working noise:<70dB
Size: 46x46x86mm
Power supply: lithium battery
Material: Stainless Steel, Silicone, Plastic

Package List:

1 * Electric Wine Saver

Rechargeable Vacuum Wine Stopper for Fresh-keeping

Electric Vacuum Pumping | 7-day Long Effect Preservation | Lithium Battery Charging

Every Time You Taste Good Wine, Don’t be Impatient.

The electric vacuum wine fresh-keeping stopper can achieve long-term fresh-keeping, so that every time you taste wine, you can enjoy it with confidence.

Isolate the air and keep it fresh for a long time at vacuum level.

The vacuum wine fresh-keeping stopper can effectively drive away the air in the bottle, providing vacuum level fresh-keeping protection for the beloved wine. Every time you drink it, it is fresh as before.

Working principle of one-way valve, extremely easy operation.

Gently press the top button to automatically remove the air in the bottle. After the air extraction is completed, it will automatically stop, saving effort and worry.

Anti-pour Detecion

When the Wine Saver Vacuum Pump is in working condition, when the bottle is tilted to 45 °, it will trigger the anti-pour-out function, the red wine vacuum pump will automatically stop pumping vacuum and light up a red light to remind you. This prevents the bottle from tilting and continuing to pump air and causing the wine to flow back inside the soft red wine stopper causing a malfunction, when the bottle is restored to less than 45°, the wine stopper will work again.

Exclusive dust-proof bottom cover, clean and sanitary.

The silicone stopper at the bottom of the electric vacuum wine fresh-keeping stopper is equipped with a special dust-proof bottom cover to prevent dust and impurities from contaminating the silicone stopper during daily storage, which may affect the quality and taste of the wine.

Stainless steel metal material, fine texture, comfortable feel.

The main body of the machine is made of stainless steel, which is sturdy and durable without deformation. The surface is treated with precision wire drawing process, which comprehensively improves the texture and feel of the product.

Universal USB interface, fast charging of lithium battery.

It adopts environment-friendly lithium battery, with stable performance and durability. USB universal interface, easy to use, fast charging.

Food contact grade material, safe and secure.

The electric vacuum wine fresh-keeping stopper adopts food contact grade silica gel that meets the national food safety and health standards to ensure that the stored wine is not only fresh, but also safe and healthy.


Wine Gifts

Wine vacuum stopper for all red and white wine, is the best gift for red wine lovers, so that your red wine is no longer wasted, keep fresh 7 days is so simple.


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