Version Hunting Dog Beeper Training Collar Waterproof 8 built-in Beeper 100G2280


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Version Hunting Dog Beeper Collars For Dog Training Collar In Waterproof 8 built-in Beeper




Features 1:

Item Type: Hunting Dog Beeper Collars

battery supply: battery included

color: Yellow

modes:8 adjustment modes. Please refer to the instruction manual

TPU leash width:2.5cm

TPU leash length:68cm

can be adjustable total length: about 52cm


Features 2:

The product built-in inductor, equipped with magnetic switch

Built-in buzzer, can produce 8 different “BIB” sounds, set this product on the dog’s neck, when the dog move fast, the product will emit a short “BIB” sound .when the dog move slow or doesn’t move, means the dog has been found the prey, then the product will emit urgent and continuous “BIB” sounds.


For example: “BIB” for one sound represent first dog. “BIB” For two consecutive sound represent the second dog, and so on, the hunter can control 8 dogs at the same time.


Outdoor Wild Bird Hunting Dog Beeper Collar as Dog Neck Beep Collar

it’s a Beeper for Hunting dog’s.

The hunter put it on the dog’s neck like a collar.

Then, when the dog is moving fast, the beeper makes a slow motion “BIB”.

And when the dog is moving slow or no move, which means that have find the “Bird”, the “BIB” becomes very quick.

User Manual:

1.ON/OFF and mode choice.

A: Please use ON/OFF trigger to aim at groove for two seconds and then you will hear two BIB, the machine will be on. After the machine is on, the device will release the defaulted BIB sound of last time if the machine isn’t shaken. If the machine is shaken, BIB sound will stop.

B: The device is with 8 different defaulted modes. You can choose the sound mode after the machine is on. Please don’t take away the ON/OFF trigger after you turn on the device, the device will sound BIB, the first BIB is the first sound mode, the second BIB is the second sound mode, the third BIB is the third sound mode, the fourth BIB is the fourth sound mode, the fifth BIB is the fifth sound mode, the sixth BIB is the sixth sound mode, the seventh BIB is the seventh sound ode, the eighth BIB is the eighth sound mode. If you still don’t take away the ON/OFF trigger after all the modes are finished, the sound will start from the first one again.

C: OFF. If you don’t use the product, please use ON/OFF trigger to aim the groove again, the machine will be off after one BIB.


Package include:

1x Training Collar

1x Battery

1x Screwdriver

1x English Manual

1x Beeper Collar ,

1x Magnetic switch

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