Soft Dog Shoes Waterproof Shoes Sturdy Anti-Slip Adjustable Cross Straps Pet Boots For Walking Standing Hiking Running


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  • Safe and adjustable: The Benepaw shoes are soft and will not rub against the dog’s skin, which is reliable for walking and standing, hiking and running.
  • Adjustable and secure: The cross strap is easy to put on and take off, which keeps the shoes from falling off the dog’s paws.
  • Features: High-quality fabrics, wear resistant, non-slip sole, cross straps, soft and comfortable. Protect your sofa and seat from sharp claws, so there is no need to use the dog’s special mat.
Measurement In CM
Length Width
M 6.7 5.4
L 8.3 6.4
XL 8.7 6.8
Measurement In Inch
Length Width
M 2.6 2.1
L 3.3 2.5
XL 3.4 2.7


The size may have a slight difference due to manual measurement.


  • SOFT WATERPROOF FABRIC – No hurting, No squeezing
  • BENEPAW GREAT DESIGN – Easy to put on, easy to take off
  • CROSS STRAP – Keep shoes from falling off
  • RUBBER SOLE – Wear-resistant& Anti-slip



  • One-way fixation – Put the dog’s foot in the shoe and confirm that it is completely inserted into the shoe. Fix the self-adhesive tape to the left.
  • Double firmness – Make sure the dog is comfortable to wear, and fix the self-adhesive tape to the right to achieve a double firmness effect.
  • Triple reinforcement – The elastic self-adhesive tape can randomly adjust the sticking range. For dogs with thin legs, the velcro on the self-adhesive tape triples the stability of the shoes so that there is no chance for the shoes to fall off the dog’s feet.





1. Open the front rear parts of the shoes.(as picture shown)

2. Put the dog’s foot into the shoe and confirm it is completely worn in the shoes.

3. Erect the heelpiece part of the shoe. then wrap the dog’s metacarpal bone and the shoe tongue.

4. Fix the self-adhesive straps. (first left then right)

5. Press the dog’s feet to confirm that the dog wear comfortably.



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