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1. Function: clear call / voice message / remote camera / location / long battery life / lightweight / good looking appearance.
2. 14.1mm ultra-thin process design, light and comfortable.
3. Two-way clear and stable call
The sound is louder and can be heard in noisy environments.
Unique antenna design, multiple calibrations to ensure stable communication
4. Voice chat, communication is more convenient
Simpler operation and clearer voice
Easy group chat, support multi-phone chat
Small flashlight, you can watch in the dark
5. Accurate positioning, real-time visualization
Accurately record every corner of the child to fully meet the needs of life positioning and emergency situations
6. Electronic fence, always protect the safety of children
Define the child’s range of activities. When the child leaves the defined area, the mobile phone parent’s mobile phone will receive an alert quickly.
Prevent loss, prevent entering dangerous areas, avoid getting lost
7. High performance battery, longer standby time
Use customized polymer
The battery has faster charging speed and higher performance,
The time is longer than the same power, eliminating the daily labor burden.
Why can’t the sim card be recognized?
1. Check if your card is correct.
2. Please check whether your sim card belongs to this gsm: 850/900/1800/1900mhz.
3. Check if there is dirt on the card slot.
how to use:
1. Scan the QR code on the box, you can find the QR code on the button of the box.
2. Download the “Dowear” application and register an account.
3. Scan or enter the device ID. Each device has only one unique id, which can only be used once, which is the entrance to connect the watch and mobile phone.
4. Support multiple languages: English, French, Spanish, polish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Turkish, Russian and Thai.

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