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1, Altimeter (altitude trend chart and climb rate)
2, Barometer ( air pressure trend chart)
3, Compass
4, Thermometer
5, Weather Forecast, World Time
6, Pedometer, step counter, calorie, distance record
7, Time functions: hour, minute, second, year(2000-2099), month, date, weekday,
8, Alarm clock (2 sets alarm clock, )
9, Countdown timer (99:59:59~0)
10, Stopwatch (0~:59:59),
12, Worldtime functions
13, Corporates digital compass, altimeter, barometer, Thermometer, air pressure trend and altitude trend and altitude trend
14, Button tone on or off
15, Battery life remind
16, EL Backlight

Q7: What is the diameter of the watch glass protective film

A7: 38mm

Q6: Why is the altimeter and barometer data displayed inaccurately?

A6: Before using the watch, you need to calibrate the air pressure and altitude. The sensor collects changes in temperature, pressure and altitude at all times.
There are some discrepancies when the air pressure and altitude
are affected by the pressure and temperature

Q5: Waterproof? Can I wear a watch to take a shower?

A5: This watch is a professional waterproof 50M. can not support take a shower, do not touch hot water!!!

Q4: Why the compass is not accurate

A4: Before using the watch, you need to calibrate the compass. Please refer of the manual or contact us, we have a calibration video

Q3: Why is there fog inside the watch?

A3: The watch cannot be used in hot baths or hot springs. Hot water will cause slight deformation of the watch and affect the waterproof performance of the watch. If there is water vapor, you need to open the back cover and dry the internal water vapor.

Q2: Why the temperature is incorrect?

when the watch worn on the arm, affecting by the human body the temperature value
display on the screen will be higher than room temperature. So if you want to get the room temperature, please put the watch on a table, and avoid direct sunlight on it, the actual room temperature will show on the watch after 20 minutes.

Q1: How long can the watch’s battery last? What is the battery model

A1: Normal a new battery can use about 8-10 months, battery model is CR2032

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Black rubber strap, Black nylon strap