New Mew Luxury Vintage Cravat Ascot Tie Paisley Floral Formal Self British Style Gentleman Silk Tie Set For Wedding Party



Vintage Cravat Ascot Tie Gentleman Silk Tie

I believe you affirm own some ties ,but do you have a cravat ? the carvat is very popular in England, fashion men like it very much, if you don’t have, pls add a cravat for yourself. it can let you be more fashion and handsome. let’s get moving


Condition : hand made
Material : SILK
Item contains : 1*Ascot + 1*Cufflinks + 1*Pocket Square
Ascot Size :
Total Length : 49.6″(126cm)
The Widest Part : 5.9″(15cm)
The Narrowest Part : 2.2″(5.5cm)
Weight: 80g
Packing:Protective and Simple Packing



Brand Story


About Color:
Color difference is inevitable because of the light angle, display, photograph and so on, litter colour difference is normal, we try to keep it to the minimum, it can not to be the reason to return goods.

Vintage Cravat Ascot Tie Gentleman Silk Tie

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