New Fashion Men Silk Skinny Tie 6 cm and 8 cm Silk Neck Ties For Men 130 Styles Of Handmade Slim Tie Blue And Red Mens Tie For Wedding Party



Men Silk Skinny Tie


Condition: Brand New

Material: 100% jacquard woven Silk (T01-T60 is Cotton)

Size: 145cm in length and 6cm in Width (NO.12615 Start is 7.5 cm Width)

Condition: Daylight lamp (Take the material object as)

Packing: Protective and Simple Packing

Designer: Italian


0% Silk brue striped Necktie man Diamond ties gravatas corbatas for men Formal Wed



Men Silk Skinny Tie

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cotton-6cm-T38, 7.5cm-1, 7.5cm-181, cotton-6cm-T36, 7.5cm-3, cotton-6cm-T37, 7.5cm-4, cotton-6cm-T11, 7.5cm-8, cotton-6cm-T10, cotton-6cm-T12, cotton-6cm-T18, cotton-6cm-T42, cotton-6cm-T9, 7.5cm-12, cotton-6cm-T17, cotton-6cm-T5, cotton-6cm-T58, cotton-6cm-T60, 7.5cm-14, cotton-6cm-T27, 7.5cm-20, cotton-6cm-T26, cotton-6cm-T28, 7.5cm-31, 7.5cm-45, 7.5cm-88, 7.5cm-166, 7.5cm-167, 7.5cm-168, 7.5cm-169, 7.5cm-170, 7.5cm-171, 7.5cm-172, 7.5cm-173, 7.5cm-174, 7.5cm-175, 7.5cm-176, 7.5cm-177, 7.5cm-178, 7.5cm-179, 7.5cm-180, 7.5cm-182, 7.5cm-183, 7.5cm-185, 7.5cm-186, 7.5cm-184, 7.5cm-187, 7.5cm-188, 7.5cm-189, 7.5cm-190, 7.5cm-191, 7.5cm-192, 7.5cm-193, 7.5cm-194, 7.5cm-195, 7.5cm-196, 7.5cm-197, 7.5cm-198, 7.5cm-199, 7.5cm-200, 7.5cm-201