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Breastfeeding Bra

This underwear is suitable for mothers to feed, with a front button closure for easy opening and closing. Made of pure cotton for a more comfortable fit. It is a good choice for moms.

Colour : As seen

Size:34(75),36 (80), 38 (85),40(90),42(95)
Cup General purpose one size

Material: cotton

 Remarks : Style-New-3- Breastfeeding underwear with crossed breasts, the upper button of the shoulder strap cannot be removed. You can breastfeed directly.
Style-2021—The upper button of the shoulder strap cannot be removed.
Please order this style of mothers to carefully understand the different ways of breastfeeding, and hope that every mother can buy a suitable bra.



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Sky-New-2, Skin, Rose, Pink-New-3, Pink-New-2, Pink, Pink-2021, Green-New-3, Gray-New-3, Gray-New-2, Gray, Gray-2021, Blue-New-2, Blue, Blue-2021, Black-New-3, Beige

Bands Size

42, 40, 38, 36, 34