Pet Dog Electric Fence System Rechargeable Waterproof Receiver Adjustable Dog Training Collar Electric Fence Containment System


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Pet Dog Electric Fence System Rechargeable Waterproof Receiver Adjustable Dog Training Collar Electric Fence Containment System

Product description:

The intelligent 2-in-l electronic wireless fence training dog is a new product in the pet electronic product market. It has a novel appearance and comfortable hand feeling. It is worth mentioning that it integrates the Dog Training Collar and Wireless Electronic Fence in one device, and the operation is simple. Convenient, not only can better protect your pet's safety, but also allow pets to get better training within a limited range.

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Note: Dear guests, if you have not purchased related electronic fence equipment in our store, please do not shoot this product alone [only collar], otherwise it cannot be used without a remote control, and this product can only be used with a remote control.


2 IN 1 WIRELESS DOG FENCE: This 2-in-1 dog fencing system integrates the dog training device and the wireless electronic fence, operated simply. Not only can better protect your dogs, but also allow them to be well trained within a controllable range, cultivate good habits of dogs through reasonable stimulation, making dogs more self-disciplined and preventing getting lost effectively.

STRONG SIGNAL: With 2.4GHz technology, the new version signal stability is drastically improved, which is more stable and accurate. It's usable in any outdoor terrain(5 different radius distance:30ft/100ft/200ft/300ft…/800ft).

EFFECTIVE & SAFE WORKING MODE: If the dog exceeds the setting activity range, the dog fence will start the alarm sound first, then vibrate, and finally use low 3.7V voltage shocks to remind the dog back to the range. The receiver keeps working until your dog returns to the setting range. The safe dog fence is an effective and harmless dog fence system wireless to avoid your dogs’ limited activities and lost.

WATERPROOF AND DURABLE: The receiver is IP66 rated waterproof for use in rainy and wet environments, and the collar is equipped with reflective strips for improved dog safety and nighttime visibility. The transmitter can match up to 3 receiver collars and control 3 dogs at the same time.

AUTOMATIC PAIRING TO CONTROL 3 DOGS: One transmitter can control up to 3 dogs at the same time, the transmitter and collar receivers are automatically paired without manual operation. You can choose five different control radius distances: 30/100/200/300…/800 feet. The range of the fence is defined as a circle (with selected radius) centered from the emitter.

Instructions for use

Dog trainer mode: When using the code, you can train multiple dogs at most at the same time, up to 3 dogs. Please turn on the receiver first, and then turn on the remote control, so that the code can be instantly matched, and the product is correct when it leaves the factory. Good code, you can also switch directly to use.

Conversion operation of outdoor electronic wireless fence and dog trainer function mode:

The default fence mode LED displays 16 gears (that is, about 300 meters) when the machine is turned on. Press the M button to return to the dog training mode.

1、When the LED digital display "fence signal icon", it is the outdoor electronic wireless fence mode, you can press the "+" or "-" button according to your needs, and the distance from 1 to 16 steps can be adjusted. Press the M button at the bottom of the screen to switch to the dog training mode. In the dog training mode, the LED digital display "1", "2" and "3" corresponds to the receiver "1", "2" and "3". Press the CH button to select "1" "2" "3". In dog training mode, the sound key is a fixed gear, and the vibration and electric shock can be adjusted from 0 to 9 gears respectively. 0 means no. If you only need vibration and no shock, set the shock to 0. Similarly, if you only need electric shock without vibration, you can set the vibration to 0.

2、In the outdoor electronic wireless fence mode, the display "1" means the radius is about "3" meters, 16 different distances can be adjusted,

3、In the dog training mode, multiple dogs can be controlled at the same time. The LED digital color screen displays "1" to indicate a dog, "2" to indicate the second dog, and "3" to indicate the third dog. There are three functions at the bottom right, which are 1 gear for sound, and 0-9 gears for vibration and electric shock.

A low number means weak, a large number is strong, and each mode is adjusted with "+" and "-".

How to use the outdoor electronic wireless fence function:

Press the power button to turn it on, and the default fence mode LED color screen displays 16 gears and fence signal icons.

1、The outdoor electronic wireless fence is centered on the transmitter, and the remote control radius is up to 300 meters;

2、Adjust the distance by "+" and "-", display "1" means the radius is about "3" meters, 16 different distances can be adjusted,

3、When the dog exceeds the set range of activities, the receiver it wears will automatically start the training function, and will give a voice prompt for about 3 seconds, and then there will be a static prompt to remind the dog to return to the safe area. If the dog continues to move forward, The sound and the electric shock work at the same time, and the frequency is gradually increased. After the dog feels the warning of the sound, it will not continue to move forward.

If the dog does not listen to the vibration warning or runs too fast beyond the range of the wireless fence, you can switch the dog training mode of the transmitter to train the dog, and the dog can return to the wireless fence range and switch to the electronic wireless fence mode.

4、One transmitter can support multiple receivers working at the same time, up to 3.

5、The transmitter can work continuously for about 20 hours when fully charged.

Function 1: Remote Training collar

under this mode ,you can remote control the collar with Beep/Vibration and Shock function within up to 990 feet.this function can help you train your dogs for good habit. Shock and Vibration can be adjusted from level 0 to level 9 separately. level 0 means turn off the the Shock or Vibration.

Function 2: Wireless Fence for both Indoor and outdoor

Under this mode,you can set up an signal radius to keep the dogs are still inside the can set 10/30/100/200/300…990 Ft radius for level 1 to level 16.once the dogs get out of it, the emitter would send a certain punishment to receiver.If the dogs get back to the circle,the emitter would stop sending punishment to receiver. this function can well protect your dogs from losing.

Worth mentioning that under level 1, the radius can set a distance of 10 Ft indoor to avoid the dog come into the bedroom,kitchen and etc.WATERPROOF AND DURABLE: The receiver is IP66 waterproof for use in rainy and wet environments, and the collar is equipped with reflective strips for improved dog safety and nighttime visibility.Collars are suitable for dogs of different sizes.We would like to see our products in use

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Additional information


only collar, For 1 Dog, For 2 Dog, For 3 Dog, Only the remote

Plug Type

USB charging


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