Pet Cat Toothbrush Super Soft Nylon Bristles Tooth Brush 360 Degree Oral Cleaning and Cat Face Cleaning Cat’s Blackhead


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About this project: The multifunctional toothbrush is a soft silicone 360 degree pet toothbrush that can also be used to Satisfactory Cat Blackhead Removal – Feline Acne Brush How to use: Fill a bottle with saline. In my experience with six cats, they all use ceramic cat bowls. But some people have acne and some people don’t. I just highly recommend this toothbrush for cleaning. I think it’s gentler on cats than the other way around. By the way, these are not fleas.

Ergonomic handle design, length 15.5CM Best for Puppies, Yorkies, Chihuahuas, Puppies and Cats Using a finger brush is wrong, veterinarians recommend 360 degree pet toothbrush which is the best brush Rotating brush can do more brushing The toothbrush has super soft bristles, 10 times more bristles to remove plaque, food debris, effectively clean and massage tongue, teeth and gums

✿ 【Made of Soft Bristles】- There are super soft bristles all around. The 360-degree coverage of the bristles on the end that goes into the cat’s mouth means that even if the cat is walking around or chewing, as long as you put the toothbrush in the cat’s mouth, it’s likely to come into contact with you somewhere.

✿【100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION】- 60-day money-back guarantee. If you have any questions about the 360-degree bristle toothbrush, please contact the seller directly and we will be happy to assist you. Get this product now, as the habit of cleaning your pet’s teeth will keep your lovely companion happy and healthy.

✿【Soft Bristle Toothbrush】- The bristles of the toothbrush are soft, also made of high quality natural materials, soft and gentle, can clean sensitive gum walls more effectively, remove plaque, bad breath, and never damage your pet’s teeth. Ergonomic handle

✿【GREAT TEETH AND BETTER CARE】- This well-designed cat/dog toothbrush will help your pet significantly improve dental health and reduce problems like plaque and tartar. 360 degree bristle design provides maximum angle for easy removal of plaque, food particles.

✿【Eco-friendly toothbrush】- This super soft bristle eco-friendly toothbrush is a great gift and choice for pet lovers. This is good for your pet’s health. The bristles are gentle enough for your pet but strong enough to help remove plaque and tartar to keep teeth and gums healthy.


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