New Tape In Human Hair Extensions Adhesive Remy Human Hair Ombre Black Brown 50g Glue On Hair Straight Seamless Skin Weft


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Tape In Human Hair Extensions

New Tape In Human Hair Extensions Adhesive Remy Human Hair Ombre Black Brown 50g Glue On Hair Straight Seamless Skin Weft

1. Product Name:  Tape In Human Hair Extensions 100% Real Machine Remy Hair Adhesive Tape Seamless Tape on Hair

2. Colour: Blayage Colour

3. Hair Material: 100% Real Human Hair

4. Texture: Silky Straight and Have a Natural Wavy

5. Weight: 2.5g Per Piece; 20 Pcs ,50gram Per Package;

6. Length: 12 to 24 inch. There is Short Hair Just Like Your Own Hair. But Thick End.

7. Shipping Terms: Ship Via DHL, FedEx, Ali-express Shipping

8. Shipping: Ship Within 2 Working Days; For Customised Order, Please Contact Us Before Order

9. Tape Size: 4cm Wide and 0.8cm High

10. Hair Quality:

1)Tangle Free and Shedding Free. Can Last Around 3-6 Months for Good Care

2)Can Be Curled and Straight. Can Be Dyed to Darker Colour.

3)Invisible Tape. Natural Hair Extensions

4)100% Real Hair Guarantee

Tape In Human Hair Extensions

The lapes are glued (polyurethane- based) and sealed for reliability using a thermal machine. The polyurethane base of the tape is reinforced by a special grid.

The tape base has a hair colour for dark and medium shades, which
makes tapes invisible.

■Hair Can be Reused with Replace Tape

Use of American White Glue
Adhesive White Double Sided
Strong Sticky

Change Your Hair Length & Volume

Specification 2.5g/pcs ; 25g/pack

Slight Volume 2-4 packs

Full Head 4-6 packs

Layering effects Different Sizes



Tape In Human Hair Extensions

1.Separate your hair with comb

2.Place tape hair under thin slice of hair

3.Place other one on the top creating a sandwich

4.Use hair straighter to make tape well, please do not too much heat

Tape In Human Hair Extensions

1.Drop remover

2.Wait 2-3 minutes remove tape


1.Remove used sticker slowly

2.Split a new sticker

3.Put new sticker on the hair

Tape In Human Hair Extensions

Straighten or curl hair extensions

①Real human hair, can be treated as your own hair

②The irons should not be heated above 356℉/180°C

Wash the hair extensions

①Don’t wash the hair with the conditioner before applying.

②Don’t wash your hair after using the tape in 48 hours.

③Be sure to use mild shampoo and conditioner.

④Keep the conditioner on the hair for 10-20 minutes, being careful not to touch the tape.

Blow dry hair

①Control the temperature of the blower not to be too high.

②Must be blow-dried in sections from bottom to top, with a wide-toothed comb.

Dye hair extension

①Hair can only be dyed darker, not bleached

②If you want to dye, be sure to choose a strand to experiment.

Allow at least 1 inch of space from the hairline.

Take thin sections.

Take a softer diagonal.

Allow between 1/4 and 1/2 inch between the scalp and the tape.

Use the Great Lengths Connector Tool.

Be precise in application.

All photos are taken by our Team. Due to the difference of light and camera equipment, there will be some colour difference.Thank you for your understanding.


Tape In Human Hair Extensions

1. Items in stock will be shipped within 2 business days.

2. It will take about 10-20 business days to deliver to most of countries via free standard shipping.

3. If there’s any problem with the item, please feel free to contact us, we are pleased to accommodate returns and exchanges within 15 days on all items without damage.


Q: Will The Product Damage My Own Hair?

A: For Properly Installed Or Maintained. This Method Will Not Damage Your Hair. It is 100% Natural and There Are No Chemicals or Tools Used. We Recommend Go to The Certified Stylists For

The Best Applications. And We Can Ensure That The Product Will Work Properly With Zero Damage.

Q: Can I Wash My Hair Everyday and Blow Dry It?

A: Yes. You Can Wash Your Hair and Get Blowouts Without Ruining Your Seamless Extensions. Or Tape is Extremely Durable And Lasts.

Q: Can I Swim With Extensions?

Yes. You Can Swim With Hair. But Please Wear The Professional Swimming Cap.

Q: How Long Will My Hair Last?

A: The Lifespan of Hair Extensions is Determined By How Well They Are Cared. What Products Are Used on Them, And How Often They Are Worn. Usually, The Lifespan Of Hair Extensions is 6-

12 Weeks. Depending On the General Care They Receive.

Q: Can I Colour Curled or Straighten My Extensions?

A: Yes. You Can. Because Our Remy Hair is 100% Human Hair. It Can Be Dyed, Curled and Cut Just Like Your Own Natural Hair.

Q: What If My Package Gets Lost Or Stolen?

A: We Will Assist Our Customers to Find The Package. But We are not Responsible For Lost Or Stolen items As Well As Addressed That Are Not Correct. Your Will Have to File a Claim With

The Carrier and We Will Assist. It is Important That Your Verify All Information Before Placing The Order. If You Have Any Question, Please Contact US.

Q: What Should I Do If My Hair is Shedding or Tangling?

There Might Be Some Floating Hair Especially When You First Wear The Extensions. But It Will Be No Shedding After Few Washes.

Also We Recommend You To Use a Detangle Brush To Brush The Hair. And Brush The Bottom At First. When All Knots At Bottom Disappeared. Then Brush From The Top.

Tape In Human Hair Extensions

New Tape In Human Hair Extensions Adhesive Remy Human Hair Ombre Black Brown 50g Glue On Hair Straight Seamless Skin Weft

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P4-27, P14-60, P16-22, P18-613, 1, 2, 4, 1B BW, 2 BW, 1B NW, 1B KS, 1B KC, 33, 60, GREY, 1000, 1B-4-18, 1B-4-27, 2-2-6, 2-6-24, 3-8A-18B, 4-27-4, 4-14-60, 6-60-6, Ba8-60, 18-22-60, 3-8-22, 1b-6-27, 2-6-18, 1b-silver-1b, 8-60-18


14 inches, 16 Inches, 18 inches, 20 inches, 22 inches, 24 inches

Life Span

6 Months

Items per Package

20 pcs