Hoodie For Large Dog Blue Smiley Face Pattern Spring Autumn Fashion Sweater Golden Retriever Ropa Para Perro Invierno


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PRODUCT:Dog Jumper Winter Clothes Luxury Large Thick Sweaters

How to choose the size of clothes for your baby?

1. How to measure?

First, the dog needs to stand for measurement. Chest – the widest part near the front leg, back length – from the neck to the top of the tail heel, press the dog hair against the skin for measurement, and then add 3-5 cm (reserve space for baby activities).

2. How to select the size?

When choosing the size, for the clothes with two legs, we mainly look at the chest circumference of the baby, followed by the length of the back. It is normal if the back length is slightly different; For clothes with four legs, it mainly depends on the length of the back, followed by the size of the chest.

If any measurement is between two sizes, select the larger size.

The values in the size chart are measured manually, and there may be 1-3 cm error. The size of small dog clothes is generally small, and that of big dog clothes is generally small or normal.

Please do not do this:

1. Don’t habitually choose the size. For example, your baby usually wears a size S, which does not mean that all sizes are suitable for him/her. Different designers and manufacturers use their own size charts! The XL of Store A may be the same size as the 3XL of Store B. Please be sure to check the size chart of the corresponding clothes and measure the size before purchasing.

2. Please do not habitually choose the size according to the dog’s weight. Different styles of clothes, different sizes of dogs, weight for reference only! If you only refer to the weight, you may choose the wrong size. It’s a long way to go. Please cherish every purchase you make.


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