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The temperature display is not integrated, it is external! Removable, does not affect use.)


A state-of-the-art grow tent designed to create optimal climate conditions for indoor year-round growing.

Features a durable frame and thicker steel rods. Higher density 900D canvas prevents light leakage, while diamond mylar enhances light reflectivity.


Product Description :

A grow tent designed to grow plants indoors by providing complete control over climate conditions. Featuring a quick-view observation window, this grow tent uses a waterproof oxford canvas with a 2000D thickness for higher durability and light-proofing. Cross-patterned diamond mylar lines the surface of the inner walls, which will reflect and maximize output from your grow light. To ensure maximum reflectivity and prevent light leaking, an inner ribbon stitching creates a seal that lines the zippers inside the grow tent. Additionally, the duct ports’ double cinching design closes them on either side to reinforce the light-proof sealing. Accessories include a waterproof floor tray, a built-in tool bag, and a mounting plate to install your controller onto the grow tent.

Premium Build Quality :

This growing tent is reinforced by its frame’s steel construction that utilizes 22 mm diameter poles. The corner pieces share the same rigidity that keeps the tent upright and sturdy. This, along with its roof beams, enables up to 150 pounds of grow equipment support when hung at intersecting points. A metallic finish protects the steel poles from long-term wear and tear while presenting a clean aesthetic.


The CLOUDLAB series enables you to grow your desired plant year-round and is specially made for gardening indoors. Place it in any room in your home such as your closet, basement, guest room, or garage. Opening the air venting screen or pairing the floor duct port with an intake fan will allow fresh air to enter the grow tent. Peel back the window flap to track progress while preserving the climate of the inner space, where the tool bag stores and organizes your grow accessories.


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50x50x100cm, 60x60x140cm, 80x80x160cm, 90x60x135cm, 100x100x200cm, 120x60x150cm, 120x120x200cm, 150x150x200cm, 200x200x200cm, 240x120x200cm, 240x240x200cm, 300x150x200cm, 300x300x200cm


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