GPS Wireless Electric Dog Fence Safe Easy Setup Outdoor Dog Containment System Waterproof Rechargeable Dog Collar For Large Dog


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Product introduction

1)Easy and quick Setup the GPS Dog collar. This latest Wireless electric dog fence uses standard GPS radio signals to setup and position your boundary containment hidden fence for dogs. Unlike our competitors our wireless dog fence system does not require any Transmitter box or Boundary wire to setup your CIRCURAL containment boundary. Set up your Boundary within Minutes making your life SIMPLE and an effortless setup experience !

2)This PORTABLE (Take it anywhere) electric dog fence wireless system can cover large OUTDOOR areas up to 999 Yards radius and up to Max 0f 650 Acres allowing you to use for OUTDOOR use only. Please note This collar is most suitable for open field areas or farms Not Suitable for very small yards. Min 33 Yards Radius. Set it up once and latest model has full Memory Function, no need for daily setup but weekly reprogram is recommended due to GPS Drift



3)In contrast with the traditional wireless dog fence system devices with a transmitter box, WITH OURS, you won’t face any INTERFERENCE issues! This means that as long as your pet stays outdoor, the collar will keep on working, so you won’t have to reset it all the time!! Collar Suitable for all Dog sizes (Small {Not suitable for very small dogs} Medium Large and XLarge) Breed Types with neck sizes 7“-23” (17-58 cm)



4)Hidden Electric fence for dogs with Advanced Training features with 6 levels of Tone, Vibrate and Stimulus shock settable levels. Customize levels settings on the collar. The Collar uses a safe and an effective way to warn and train you dog not to cross boundaries and keep them contained in the safe zone that you setup and require



Package Includes

(1 )Collar with Black neck Strap (1) Magnetic USB Charging Cable (1) pair of Long, Short and plastic Prongs (1) Test Bulb with Spanner (10 ) Training Flags (1) CLEAR User and instruction manual with contact support

Product parameters


Pet weight:Over 20lbs(not suitable for small-sized dogs)


Collar size:8.46-23.82in


Collar material:TPU


Working mode:automatic mode+fixed mode


Working level:6 levels


Charging mode:maganetic charging


Battery capacity:1500mAh


Product material:ABS


Waterproof grade:IPX7





Additional information


GPS Dog Fence Collar


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