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Pet Agility Dog Bark Collar PD 258-S

1) With battery charging circuit, energy-saving design, and automatically self-protective features.
2) Not being easily disturbed by other noises.
3) The model PD-258L is suitable for most middle-large size dogs. Model PD-258S is for most middle-small size dogs.
4)Sensitivity can be adjusted with five levels.

Product Description

How to Adjust Sensitivity: 

1)PD 258 sensitivity can be adjusted, and the users can adjust it according to the dog barking noise.
2)The sensitivity can easily be adjusted with five levels, and the default level is three. Press “+/-“ button, it will” bleep”, and the higher the sensibility, the easier it works.

Training Instructions:

1)When dog barks, the anti-bark collar will alarm for 2 seconds.
2)Within 30 seconds if the dog barks twice, the anti-bark collar will alarm for 3 seconds.
3)Within 30 seconds if the dog barks third times, the anti-bark collar will alarm for 5 seconds with slightly static shock the dog for punishment training, and encourage the dog remember the alarm sound in order to make the dog stop barking once hearing the alarm.
4)The same training will continue 7 times. The first and second times are only alarm sound, and if the dog continues barking, it will trigger the third and seven times alarm static shock. The static shock intensifies every time in order to correct. Don’t worry and the static shock won’t hurt the dogs .
5)The dog will enhance the memory every time the static shock intensifies, and will quickly understand the shock as punishment because of its barking. There will be very good effect after sometime training. 

  • Performance Description

1.Function:Beep and static shock anti barking collar.
2.How the product works:Automatic stop barking.
3.Scope of application:For small or medium dogs.
4.Product feature:Rechargeable and adjustable sensitivity.
5.Sensitivity can be adjusted with 5 levels.
6.Not being easily disturbed by other noises.
7.The equipment has power-saving design and automatically self-protective mode.
8.There is no charging plug in the standard configuration of the product.
9.Black nylon collar.
PD 258S
Colors available
Black/Gold/Brown/Silver/Rose Gold/Brown etc., can be customized. 
Beep+Static Shock
Adjustable Sensitivity
5 Levels
Adjustable Black Nylon Collar
Battery Composition
Lithium Polymer
Product Certification
Product Description


Additional information


Black, Brown, Pink, Silver, Gold, Brown in BLK Sticker


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