Digital Kitchen Scale 1g-10kg Food Scale Waterproof Tempered Glass Platform High Accuracy Multi-Function Scale


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10kg Range& 1g Accuracy

Measuring range 3g-10Kg, accurate 0.1oz/1g increments, using the high-precision four-point sensor, high sensitivity, more accurate and stable measurement data.

Waterproof, Premium Panel

The food scale is equipped with premium tempered glass panels for strong bearing and durability. LCD high-definition backlight digital display, the reading is clearer.

A variety of Weighing Units

g / Kg/lb: oz / fl. oz/ml five units can be freely converted to meet the weighing needs of various ingredients.

Easy Tare

Place the container or ingredients on the scale and press the ‘peel’ button, you can set the current weight to zero to easily solve various weighing problems.

Practical Design

The perfect combination of tempered glass and stainless steel scale surface, non-slip, anti-fingerprint, easy to clean, and attached with a hook for easy storage.


● Weighing range: 3g-10Kg
● Index value: 1g
● Five unit conversion switches: g / Kg/lb: oz / fl. oz/ml
● Display size: 55 * 23mm
● Product size: 230 * 160 * 18 mm
● Power supply: Rechargeable lithium battery (200 mA) or 2 AAA batteries (NOT Included)
● Charging time: about 4 hours
● It can be used for 3-6 months after one charge
● Automatic zero tracking and automatic shutdown function
● Manual shutdown mode: press the ON / OFF button
● Tare, low battery reminder, an overweight reminder


When first used
(1) Open the package, take out the scale body, plug in the charging cable to charge the electronic scale, or open the battery compartment from the back, and install the battery correctly according to the positive and negative instructions;
(2) Make sure that the electronic scale is placed on a horizontal plane, and the screen displays zero after power on. If not, please press the TARE key.

Package includes:

1 * Electronic scale
1 * Charging cable
1 * Instruction


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White, Green, Black


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