Adjustable Anxiety Ring Custom Name Ring 925 Silver Relieve Fidget Spinner Beads Meditation Ring For Women Customized Jewelry


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Adjustable Anxiety Ring Custom Name Ring

Relieve anxiety, stress and tension with our unique Spinner Ring!

Do you often pick your fingers too?

This could be a sign of excitement, anxiety or nervousness!
This ring is just right! This is a Fidget Ring that will calm you down in stressful situations and support you in mastering every task with ease!

Let this anti-anxiety ring be your savior in any stressful situation.

✓ Prevents you from picking your fingers
✓ #1 Fidget Toy to calm your anxiety
✓ Distracts you in stressful situations
✓ Helps relieve stress and overwork
✓ Support you during presentations and lectures
✓ Looks very discreet, barely noticeable, but beautiful

Match with any of your outfits!
In addition to the health benefits, CvlmRing is suitable for every garment.

Our Spinning Wheel Rings are discreet and come in a versatile shade and their beautiful sheen shines out nicely.

CvlmRing’s fidget jewelry includes anti-stress rings, meditation rings, anxiety relief rings, Fidget toy rings, and nail and finger picking rings made from the finest titanium.

Frequently Asked Questions:

about transportation
In addition to AliExpress platform logistics, we can send you our special line logistics,
US 5-7 days
UK, Germany, France: 7-14 days
Canada, Australia, Austria, etc.: 10-15 days.
If you need special logistics, you need to pay extra for shipping
Payment link:

Can it be washed?
Yes! You can wash it with a simple ring cleaner or hot water to get rid of germs. Just like any other ring. 🙂

How does the ring work?
When you turn around, your brain gets distracted and forgets about previous fears, habits, or situations. Perfect for fighting bad habits, excitement, stress and more!

I have a discount code, where do I enter it?
You can enter this information on the shopping cart page under Shop-Coupon.

This ring is made of 925 silver, we offer a personalised service, the inside of the ring can be ordered with your name.


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Ring Size


Main Stone Color

Gold, Rose Gold, steel color


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